Our Team

Our Team

We are currently a team of six people – one previously worked with Dave at Gaw Van Male and continues to work with Dave as part of the Gaw Estate Planning team.  We plan to grow our team by adding individuals passionate about helping others who are dedicated to Estate Planning.




Other Team Members

Our Collaborative Approach

The work we do at Gaw Estate Planning is a collaborative team effort, with input from you, members of our firm, and your other professional advisors.  We believe your input is critical.  We educate you to help you make an informed final decision, unique to your situation.  Your other professional advisors are a part of the process, including your CPA, Financial Advisor, and in more complex cases perhaps another personal estate planning attorney.  We view other professional advisors as our colleagues, and believe they are essential to creating the best plan for your needs, as well as assisting you when a loved one passes away.